I recently discovered a Green Psychology resource site (posted here).

Following that I joined a “conservation psychology” listserv that appears to be a forum for discussion by researchers in the field. The list is administered by Emily Chan(echan@coloradocollege.edu).

Via this list I’ve asked for links to blogs where scientists are interpreting the research for a non-specialist audience. I asked for this because while it’s possible to read the scientific literature, I often have the sense that I lack the context for understanding the results and that there’s a risk of placing too much emphasis on something that is of relatively minor importance. Also, it’s a big field and I’m trying to find avenues into it.

Anyway, here are the blogs that have turned up as a result of the question:

Susan Clayton has many interesting posts on her Psychology Today blog. She has also sent me a link to this really interesting website on downsizing and recycling…not so much green psychology as green economy.

And discussion from her first post took me to “eco psychology”  and Natural Systems Thinking…which may or may not be “scientific”.

Claudia Mausner recommened the NYT dot Earth blog, which looks great.

And Lindsay McCunn blogs at Psychology Today as well.

Hmm. I’m sure it’s the tip of the ice berg. On the off chance anyone reads this, and knows of either blogs about the conservation psychology literature or review type articles please feel free to us the Comments box below.

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